Each year, Derby Reach Brae Island Parks Association works on special projects within the parks. We also offer the community free educational recreation events to celebrate the natural wonders of our parks, such as guided nature walks and the DRBIPA Paddle. 

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The DRBIPA Bog Restoration Committee leads research, monitoring, and restoration projects in the Langley Bog. Find out more HERE about the Langley Bog and other bogs in Metro Vancouver. 


We work to foster appreciation of nature and our environment. Our recent guided nature walks, community outreach, and webinar topics include:


  • Fraser River Walk & Talk

  • Members Only Bog Exploration Walk

  • Ecological Mushroom Foray

  • Webinar: Fish Community & Habitat Issues, Derby Reach & Beyond

  • Webinar: Fall Gardening Tips & Planting Native Species

  • The launch of our DRBIPA park information app, download it HERE.


We want to protect and conserve the natural environment of Derby Reach and Brae Island for generations to come. Our recent environmental conservation and restoration events include:


  • Planting native vegetation to build a wildlife corridor and a pollinator garden

  • Removal of invasive species such as ivy and scotch broom; mapping of invasive holly

  • Building and maintaining living retaining walls

  • Bog habitat restoration projects

  • Heritage orchard maintenance

  • Tree swallow nest box monitoring

Past projects include: