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Image by Raphael Wild

The Great Big Bog Restoration Cleanup

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers involved for taking action to save the Langley Bog with us! 2023 welcomed our 3rd annual Great Big Bog Restoration Cleanup event – a way for community volunteers passionate about the environment to get involved in our efforts to protect Langley Bog. Sign up for our newsletter below to hear about upcoming clean up events in 2024.

The Langley Bog is a component of Derby Reach Regional Park but is closed off from public access for safety and preservation purposes. Only 10% of undisturbed bog meadow and forest remains from what was once over 100 hectares. The park association has been approved for special access for this event. To complete necessary restoration and conservation work in the bog with community volunteers. DRBIPA Park Ambassadors, Members, supporters, and friends are welcome to attend. 


Volunteers have been working in groups outdoors to:

  • Remove plastic, rubber, and treated wood left and abandoned by the peat mining companies of the last century, to prevent input of contaminants that affect the unique PH levels of the bog.

  • Combat invasive species such as himalayan blackberry and yellow flag iris, to prevent encroachment into the bog area.

  • Perform water monitoring to assess water drainage from the bog area and other restoration projects with our Langley Bog Restoration Committee. 

Bogs are ancient ecosystems that were formed by glaciers during the ice age. One of the most amazing things about bogs, is how bog moss has the ability to absorb and hold accumulated CO2 from the atmosphere. And as the planet continues to warm due to high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, protecting and restoring peatlands, such as the Langley Bog, is more important than ever.

In 2021 we held our first big public bog restoration cleanup. 80 nature-loving volunteers passionate about conserving the Langley Bog at Derby Reach removed 5.2 tonnes of debris from the bog area in shifts spread out over 3 days. We got rid of plastic, tires, metal waste, treated wood...and there is more to do! The DRBIPA Bog Restoration Committee also works on other restoration and monitoring projects within the Langley Bog in collaboration with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, Trinity Western University, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

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